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What Is The Masking Tape

In art, the use of masking tape is used for inkjet printing, and is used in conjunction with the airbrush to shield the masking tape from the need for inkjet printing.

In addition, the masking tape is suitable for interior decoration and paint cover. It is suitable for painting, lacquering, leather and plastic industry, oil coating, etc.

It is mainly used in the following fields in the industry: original car and parts suppliers, aircraft production and other vehicle production plants, large and medium-sized passenger cars and other vehicle production plants, vehicle maintenance shelters, boats and other water and transportation vehicles. Production plants, printing and paper industry, various electronic and electrical production plants and other industrial uses.

The main features and advantages of the product: instant adhesive force, fixing ability, easy tearing, controlled unfolding, flexibility, thinness, smoothness, anti-metastasis, anti-solvent, anti-fragmentation, anti-retraction, anti-stripping.

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